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The Old Lady and The Shoe

The Old Lady leaves her children at home; she believes they will behave while she is gone. Instead, her children decide to have fun; what will The Old Lady discover when she finally returns? Available in Hardback and Paperback.

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The Old Man and The Tree

In this rhyming story, an Old Man and his cat take a walk in the woods and stumble upon a tree in a very bad mood. The old Man is amazed when the tree starts to talk. Soon they are friends that no one can part. Available in Paperback only.

Paperback ($10.00)

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Kyla the Bee loves bonnets and visiting Zena's Hat shop is the best part of her day. Although Kyla has been warned to stay away from the Persons because they only want to mash, squish and squash bees, she doesn't listen.

In Alphabet City they claimed all the letters were important. Capital Z disagreed. He was always last. He was never picked. It wasn’t fair. It was time he did something about it.

[Alphabet City Series]

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