About Toya

A former Middle School Language Arts Teacher, Toya Wilson, has always loved the written word.  Growing up, she spent hours reading through the closet full of books supplied by her grandmother.  Penning her own short stories followed.  Deciding between a teaching career and a writing career was mostly emotional but eventually lead to the writing of her first children's book, The Old Lady in the Shoe. After spending three years as an adult in Middle School, she decided writing was the avenue to share her love of reading and writing with children.  Toya lives in Detroit, Michigan, works in administration and continues to write in her free time.  She is currently working on a middle grade mystery series and her next children's rhyming story.

From the Desk of Toya Wilson
​Writing has been my passion from an early age when I realized how much I enjoyed the experience of a good book and that I had a few stories of my own to tell. I obtained my English degree and taught Middle School Language Arts for a few years before I actively began my pursuit of the joy that occurs when the words on paper come together to form an amazing adventure. I enjoy weaving stories that will allow children to use their imaginations and explore new people, places and ideas.

                                                                                   For Love of the Written Word

                                                                         "A blank piece of paper is God’s way of telling us how hard it is to be God." – Sidney Sheldon

                What the human mind is able to image drives the stories on a written page.  

I am like so many others who talk about how much I love to write and how I can always be found with a book in one hand and a pen in the other.  Yet, still, day in and day out, I continue to go to my job, sitting behind a desk, letting the cares of the world consume me, dreaming of the day when it will happen for me.  I have learned that it's okay to dream but there comes a time when you have to move, one step at a time.